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Multi Specialists

Pandemic Rules

​We individualize a treatment plan for you and your child.

We achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in a comfortable, friendly, pleasant and relaxed environment.​


Beautiful smiles change lives!


Your smile, our goal!

​​Multi board-certified specialists offer state-of-the-art care in

  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • root canal treatment and surgery
  • gum disease treatment
  • dental implant 
  • braces and invisalign
  • cosmetic treatment 

1. Only one patient at a time

​2. No companions are permitted unless absolutely needed

3. Wear a mask before entering the office

4. Clean shoes on the disinfecting mat prior to entering the office

5. Use hand sanitizer before signing the papers

Quality Dental Group  玲麗牙科

1100 S. San Gabriel Blvd,  San Gabriel, CA 91776

Tel: (626) 286-2728      FAX: (888) 789-4368


Under the current situation, we set up the following rules to secure everybody’s safety. 1. Please make sure to come on time so we can ensure that there is only one patient at a time. 2. Only the patient will be allowed into the office. No companions are permitted. If you absolutely need a companion, please communicate with the office beforehand. 3. Please remember to put on a mask before arriving at the office. 4. We will be preparing a disinfecting mat on the office doorstep. Please step on the outdoor mat for 20 seconds to clean the shoes before entering to the office. 5. You may bring your own pen if you would like to, otherwise please use the hand sanitizer before signing the papers. 6. Each treatment room is separate and will be disinfected after use. Please follow the guidance to enter the disinfected room. Do not enter a treatment room under disinfection (it will be labeled on the door). We sincerely apologize in advance for any inconvenience these new rules may cause. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!